HECUBA (Live)-"Sir"

For some reason I can't put my finger on, I'm obsessed with L.A. duo HECUBA. An 'experimental' group that blends hip-hop and folk sounding music with a Mideastern style vocal set.

..Maybe its their whole presentation, which I feel is just as mysterious as the music they play. This live performance looks like nothing I've seen on this side of the world and sort of reminds me of shit you'd find in a Japanese comedy.



Film Photography + Blogging 'Old + New'

With a recent visit to Heron Preston's blog I noticed an entry about his observance of young bloggers shooting only or mixing film photography for their blog. It's funny that he points this trend out because I've been noticing this as well and love the fact this sort of backwards leap in mix of 'old and new' technology is happening amongst today's young creatives. Heron also points out the fact that a film blog will blow any digital site away if the content is on point. I feel that this is true because of how digital photography has taken over the images we view not only on the Internet but daily life, using film is not only a fresh 'old-new' way to present but also its quality gives you a sort of nostalgic gritty feeling which is a good thing. Whats next? Maybe the use of expired film photography.

What ANOTHER BLOG is lacking, is what makes blogs interesting, 'life' entry's about whats going on with us personally. When we start doing interesting shit, our world will start dominating the posts. I'm looking for a good film camera myself for when that time comes+

Some film based blogs..
theskullset.com (Image above and new favorite...from Jack Seigel)


Miss. Lauren Dunkoff

Photography along with music are main inspirations for me.. It's especially great when one puts both together as well as L.A. based photographer Lauren Dunkoff does. A great collection of photos and musicians.




First real project: Part One.

+Tea Pot design project.
+Acadmey of Art University; Model Making 1
+Scandinavian and East African inspiration.


Andrea Crews is, I suppose, a fashion designer. Yet, she really is an all encompassing artist who creates entire creative worlds around her collections. Experience her site and all it has to offer.


Another 'iPod Killer'

I'm interested to see how the new Zune will appeal to a world of iPod users..The girl in this CM is someone i'd like to meet, is it bad that im thinking more about the girl than the actual product? Good luck Microsoft.


Music for the 'Ill Minded'

Porter Records saviors reissued and hard to find music from the past, also accepting anything new they feel worthy from electronic to jazz.



Speaking of KDDI, they have introduced a special site for their Autumn & Winter collection of mobile phones. Anyone who is inspired or just enjoys sites that use flash in incredibly unique ways should check out all of KDDI's special sites.


My next mobile.

Sony Ericsson's W380i

+Embedded OLED
+Sophisicated music track ID feature
+Up to 271 songs on provided Memory Stick
+Shows how modern design isn't always round (reminiscent of the phones you'd find on Japan's KDDI lineup)


Hijack Your Life

graphic design firm. Stockholm/Amsterdam. Blog. Site.


Kilimanjaro Magazine

a british magazine, brilliant, themed issues. more importantly, different sizes of paper in all issues, enclosed in a giant approx. 6 sq ft exterior magazine. ambitious.