I thought I was alone。

I thought it was time to create an online platform for photographers who, while being very different, are united by a common starting point: to capture what surrounds their lives without worrying about the whats, the hows, and the whys.

Ithoughtiwasalone.com has no fixed rules, has no canons to follow, and is constantly evolving. There will be published portfolios as well as stand alone images.

Ithoughtiwasalone.com keeps it’s eyes on a new generation of photographers who are demonstrating all their worth, but are still not finding the exposure they deserve.

I thought I was alone, but maybe I am not.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated.
Lele Saveri

Milano, Italy




Field Trip

Some friends and I went out to a abandoned field off the bay and an old train warehouse in Hunters Point yesterday.

Molly & Bryan

Julia. She reminds me of Sarah from Colette..

'Stonehenge' in Hunters Point. Candle Stick Park is in the foreground, the place is a mess.

(Un)Natural art installation.


Bozo Texino's bed?



Deli just finished a mural on my friend, Ryan's wall.

He has a site coming soon..


Band of Outsiders.

A new favorite. Pretty flawless look & construction. I see the brand being represented by individuals outside any cultural significance. The understanders of proper style and realness of street wear sensibility.

Band of Outsiders