Gerhard Richter

Richter's 'new' approach to painting is highly interesting. He created work especially for the Serpentine Gallery in London.

"The seemingly arbitrary distribution of colours was generated using a specially developed computer programme and this renewed interest in using chance to define composition led the artist to develop the concept for 4900 colours."

Also really cool how it inserts the information and copyright when taking a screenshot of the image.



already famous?

Simone's work has now been featured on I Heart Photograph, Rhizome @ the New Museum,  among many others, Way to go!  



The Political Picture

Binary mashup of first image search result for McCain & Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. infiltrated with his 'I Have a Dream' speech.

More to come.



Vladimir Nikolic

My friend Jackson just alerted me to this video artist from Serbia, head to his site to see "Autoportraits" and "How to Become a Great Artist."  Some quirky/fun things mixed in with conceptual pieces relating directly to the gallery/exhibition and its place in contemporary art culture.



Yuri Suzuki

Sound Chaser. Device that follows cut up records and plays the 'new' track.
Graffiti Radio. The connection between graffiti and pirate radio.

Look at his Design work here.


Chris Gilmore

100% cardboard, life-size.



The Physical Body.

Where should a history of the body in art begin? I am not thinking of a dry history, but one that takes account of our own bodies and those around us? Because there seem to be a lot of bodies around. A magazine ran a cover feature on the world's thinnest celebrities (Lara Flynn Boyle? Calista Flockhart? I don't know, I only saw the publication in passing, but she was very thin). Another ran a cover showing Abi Titmuss in a sapphic embrace with Victoria Silvstedt; in the same week a supermarket chain announced such covers would be hidden from view. A television drama about plastic surgeons in Miami has won an Emmy. A documentary on McDonald's-fuelled obesity and another on the pornographic film Deep Throat have received theatrical releases and excited reviews. A bodybuilder-turned-actor is the most popular politician in America. Clearly, the body matters; perhaps more so than at any other time in history. I am 40 years old, six foot tall and weigh less than thirteen stone. It doesn't sound bad, so why am I so worried about my visibly bulging stomach?

-Nicolas Blincoe



Frank Zadlo

Artist Quote #1-10 is great, simple and saying so much with so little.



New Tiny Vices

If you haven't heard, now you have: Tiny Vices




último .. collage.

Number three.

Alex Fitzgerald- NYC, New York



Davin Youngs

Davin Youngs describes himself as being "painfully midwestern." Which in fact is the exact reason why I found an immediate attraction to his photography. His work voices the reality of living in one of Chicago's many once rural suburbs and in way is redolent of the feelings I have when going back home. Another great aspect to his photos is the level of personal signification they hold, revealing an intimate view of ones life there instead of giving a more common or general outlook. Davin Youngs.

+It's interesting to note that even though I don't know the people, Davin's portraits all seem to have a certain familiarity to me. He seems to master finding those who are truly Midwest Americans.




Nicholas Feltron is a New York based graphic designer and is known for his Annual Reports of his own life. The first one was made in 2005, followed by 2006 and 2007. Besides he designs for various clients including Penguin books and the New York Times.



Good Film::

Looking forward to a few in the coming months..

.What Just Happened


.Rachel Getting Married

.Mommas Man


.Synecdoche, New York

.Miracle at St. Anna

.In Search of A Midnight Kiss




The work is in the current clubinternet exhibit. But if you have not seen it yet, look it up>Pascual Sisto
The LA-based video artist and photographer produces highly conceptual work creating his own realities by subverting the known. He obviously stresses laws of physics and leaves the viewer questioning, in an in between stage of false reality, truth and utopia, the Greek word for no-place.

Great conceptual photography>Katja Mater

Listen to adoptahighway. Leading into a new semester.
Get a hold of his first demo, amazing.



Constant Dullaart

Constant Dullaart is based out of the Netherlands.  Of course, like most net artists, I cannot find any information about him.  He created the well-known Stabilized Earthquake video, and was the curator for the recent Club Internet show.  I feel late on the net art movement, but nonetheless it is incredibly pertinent to the future of art, new media, and the internet.  Also the activity within these communities such as, Supercentral, should be discussed and investigated as it looks to me like the future of web, (interactivity, new modes of visual communication, social interaction, etc.) exists within these groups.  Please go check it all out.

"The future of art, baby!!"



Snow Gear 09

Looking at two of the biggest suppliers in the snowboard industry, I am getting really excited for the season 09 and its upcoming fashion. Check it out.

Volcom, Girl's Jacket, Nimbus Series.

Volcom, Men's Pants, Nimbus Series.

Burton, Men's Jacket, Shaun White Series. The name itself is a treat-Beetle Green Tie Dye Camo.

Please, get your stuff here.


For Evan

Chicago? What's it like?....Well its uh windy and calm and peaceful as any place out there.
Sissy Spacek & Lee Marvin (Prime Cut)

I'd take Shelly Duvall, sorry man.



Lina Scheynius

Really personal and intimate photography. 

She has got some extremely beautiful photographs on her site. Personal -red- is striking. 



Visual stimulation. . Through the collage. .

Number two.

Ross Chisholm- London, United Kingdom



Olivier Richon

Discovered him on the website of London based gallery IBID. Olivier Richon seems to take note from Jan Fyt and other 17th century Dutch still life painters in his photography. Combining similar elements à la the use of dogs and titles like 'The Hunt' he connects these analogous qualities to modern themes and ideas in a very controlled manner. There is also a very simplistic style the Lausanne native promotes throughout his work, impressive in itself the style gives off a feeling of deep meaning through its ambiguity. Knowing he received a Masters of Philosophy by thesis and project sort of makes sense of all this, it also admits to why he seems to borrow from past Dutch masters to tackle today's socially impounded ideas through the use of objects.


The Hunt. It is now our business not to let the beast get away.


Furniture Design at RISD

I am about to begin my new major this fall at RISD: Furniture Design. I was just thinking I would share a few of the pieces I have created.  This first bowl was created in my foundation 3d class.  I basically took a log from RISD grounds, drilled a bunch of holes into it, and then carved and smoothed the inside.  I would say I learned the first and most important thing about furniture from this project and that is; use good materials.  The log was rotten so it had holes I needed to patch (these are evidenced on the outside) and a giant crack through the middle.  Then I learned a lot about finish.  I used red spray paint for the inside and polyurethane on the outside.  See how glossy it all is?  that was intentional but I have since learned you can be much subtler with finishes.

These following boxes were made during a Wintersession course, "Metals for Furniture Design," and were basically my basic solution to creating something entirely from metal yet not making it too cheesy or industrial, in a short amount of time (6 weeks).  The first picture is the mock-up where I learned how I was going to make the boxes.
For me, what was cool about these boxes is that I made them entirely from scratch.  I had to design and fabricate hinges, handles, and latches.  This box was made to look as if it had been on a farm or something for 30 years by grinding down the paint and blackening the exposed metal. I also learned how to hammer-out a design.  By putting the truck on the lid I thought maybe a child's toy box, hmm?
This last box was the "final" design.  It has dividers in the inside the exact size of tubes of paint and a larger slot for paintbrushes.  Once again I fabricated all the hinges, handle, and latch, and of course the box as well.  The focus here was on the finish, I made as clean as possible all of the pieces and really learned how to effectively use spray paint to get an even finish.
This summer I have been interning at a framing shop, E. Gard Fine Framing, here in Portland.  In exchange for my help, Eric (shop owner) let me build a piece of furniture using his shop.  Once again I had little time (about 3 days) and couldn't really build a table or anything large, since I wanted to be able to bring it to school with me.  So, I decided I could use some drawers for my desk at school.  We decided we would focus on the finish of the piece, the knowledge Eric has on finishes is astounding; I once spent an entire day triple-coating spacers for frames (paint, sand, paint, sand, paint, steel wool).  So we put the piece together relatively fast in order to focus more time on the finish.
The whole thing is about 8 inches tall.  The finish is a lacquer mixed with polyurethane and turpentine to make it dry faster.  it has two coats in these photos but I intend to add one more.  It is extremely simple in construction and design, but this is for a purpose.  The proportions, like the green box above, are based on what is going inside it-pencils, pens, and markers.  The simple fact that the box's design is derived entirely from its function lends it, I think, a really calming, utilitarian feel.  Thanks for reading, more to come I'm sure!



Exonemo is a japanese artist group formed in 1996 by Sembo Kensuke and Yae Akaiwa. They are interested in the growing influence of electronic media in our society. Their portfolio is mostly installation based as well as online works. Their website has a great overview of their work. Especially check out Natural Process (see more by clicking on 'process flow' at the bottom) and iCuts.

They are currently showing UN-DEAD-LINK at plug-in in Basel, Switzerland. The installation is concerned about 'the question of digitalized and symbolized death between the physical and virtual world. The audience can see, feel and hear the effects of a symbolic death in a computer game in the physical exhibition space.'
The exhibition is on two floors. In the basement a computer plays the game half life with itself, every time a soldier is killed in the game one of the various machines upstairs will go in action for a couple of seconds. The machines include a piano, an old recorder, a sewing machine etc.



Buffalo Wings

My father has started his own American workwear and westernwear apparel line, Buffalo Wings.  He was recently featured in the October/November 08 issue of American Cowboy.  Yes, I know it is hokey, so does my dad, but it's his ideal customer base, and he got featured in their photoshoot!  That's free advertising, but he also took out an ad later in the magazine.  I have helped him with web-design and print design since the beginning and it's been so gratifying to see it come to reality from just a crazy idea he came up with one night.  I personally hope he taps into the current thrust fashion is taking towards classic clothing and the line is recognized by hi-brows as quality, unique and modern western clothing.  I will try to post more of the pieces from the collection later.

I wear one of his coats whenever it is cold, it's the nicest garment I own.



Jürg Lehni/Hektor

One of the guys making apparent that the boundaries between the arts continuously are blurred more and more is Swiss native Lehni. Considered graphic artist his work spans many mediums from print to his drawing robot Hektor and his illustrator plug-in scriptographer. He studied at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich in the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and Interaction Design & New Media at ECAL, Lausanne. 
Lehni's description of Hektor
"Hektor is a portable Spray-paint Output Device for laptop computers. Hektor was created with a certain attitude towards design and the use of tools. Intuition played an important role in the search for a new output device that goes beyond the limitations of today's clean computer, screen and vector-graphic based design and conveys the abstract geometries contained in these graphics in a different way than normal printers do."

His illustrator plug-in scriptographer is a nice tool that lets the user dictate what the computer should to instead of the computer manifesting creative boundaries.

Lehni's print work together with Lex Trueb here.
His own page scratchdisk.




I've been really stimulated and inspired by collages lately.

Number one.
Era un Muchacho como Yo- Santiago, Chile
More to come. .


Introducing:Simone Niquille

Hailing from Zug, Switzerland, Simone will be joining us at Another Blog as our new contributor.  Simone was first introduced to me by my good friend Adam, (all in good humor!) because she was his TA at RISD, I then got to know her on a recent trip to Switzerland.  Her take on art, technology, and design within culture prompted an invitation for her to write on the blog.  That, paired with her international perspective should make her an exciting addition to Another Blog.



flatflat.org Peter Segerstrom

taken from flatflat.org, the website of Peter Segerstrom:

flatflat is a collection of handmade audio files, jpgs, gifs, and texts. flatflat is the digital igloo of Peter Segerstrom.

If you have questions, would like a back rub, want to talk about max/msp, want somedesign or programming done, need music for your documentary on Laverne and Shirley, or just want to rap, write me at:


I can't find a solid explanation as to what exactly is going on, but this is one of the most fantastic personal websites I have come across in a while.  Some graphic design, print and web, net art, and fantastic music; Peter's musical project Portable Sunsets was featured with Tehn in a Dublab (one of our favorites) podcast a while back.  Check out the site.

The above boxes were actually a sound installation.