Exonemo is a japanese artist group formed in 1996 by Sembo Kensuke and Yae Akaiwa. They are interested in the growing influence of electronic media in our society. Their portfolio is mostly installation based as well as online works. Their website has a great overview of their work. Especially check out Natural Process (see more by clicking on 'process flow' at the bottom) and iCuts.

They are currently showing UN-DEAD-LINK at plug-in in Basel, Switzerland. The installation is concerned about 'the question of digitalized and symbolized death between the physical and virtual world. The audience can see, feel and hear the effects of a symbolic death in a computer game in the physical exhibition space.'
The exhibition is on two floors. In the basement a computer plays the game half life with itself, every time a soldier is killed in the game one of the various machines upstairs will go in action for a couple of seconds. The machines include a piano, an old recorder, a sewing machine etc.


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