Buffalo Wings store open*

Buffalo Wings classic apparel online store now open.  I am proud to say my father runs this label and I wear his coat design almost every day.  Please visit the site, (I helped design it) and see for yourself what one person can create if they have a vision. 

*Support independent business in America!



365 Days Project

Presented by Ubuweb and WMFU, the 365 Days Project is an initiative by these two to present a rare, obscure, or otherwise unique and unheard piece of sound everyday for one year.  The project has been completed twice already, once in 2003 and once in 2007.  The content is exhaustive and I have already spent hours combing the archives and only made it though a few week's worth of day's sounds.  Really, I present this project as a gateway to Ubuweb, an incredible poetic and artistic catalogue and resource, and to WMFU's Beware of the Blog, a progressive music blog that has opened my mind to new ideas in music and will open yours too.

A few of my favorite finds from the 365 project:

 The Death Killers-Junior John this is a six year old and his sister and probably some other adults as well playing an incredible lo-fi/punk song--can't stop playing it.

Jodie Foster--La vie c'est Chouette this is a young Jodie Foster singing a french pop song, (Life is Great!) . . . anyways go check it out for yourself.



Rhizome, affiliated with the New Museum, is an online gallery/database/community for art that deals with technology. So far, it is the most comprehensive (it was started in 1996) and the most intriguing critical site dealing with this subject, from rhizome.org:
Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.
Check the blog for new developments in the realms of technology/web/digital art, view the online-only exhibitions, and utilize their daily Artbase additions to familiarize yourself with one of the most important art initiatives/movement of our generation.  





Export to World

Objects from second life transformed into real life objects constructed out of paper.

Read more and make your own here.



New Club Internet #5

Curated by Harm Van Den Dorpel who is one of my favorite artists right now, the majority of the show is video and flash.  GO.



On Purpose

Many amazing projects. Plus, check out the slider and enlarge the images to real size A4. Interesting to experience paper size we are used to hold in our hands on screen.

Way of Women

A project created by design firm Blanco for Italian fashion group Max Mara and their SportMax Code label. Way of Women centers focus on today's young creative female. They've decided to organize it around a range of interviews and special content created in correlation with the women they feature. I've always found a deep interest in projects like this and wish there were more like it around.

+Hopefully at some point we can get our very own Simone featured on the project's list of creative female minds..





A certain type of film I've been waiting for. A visually stunning, accurate, and non stereotyped look into African American life. Specifically that of people living in Mississippi's delta region.

Opens in theaters today.