365 Days Project

Presented by Ubuweb and WMFU, the 365 Days Project is an initiative by these two to present a rare, obscure, or otherwise unique and unheard piece of sound everyday for one year.  The project has been completed twice already, once in 2003 and once in 2007.  The content is exhaustive and I have already spent hours combing the archives and only made it though a few week's worth of day's sounds.  Really, I present this project as a gateway to Ubuweb, an incredible poetic and artistic catalogue and resource, and to WMFU's Beware of the Blog, a progressive music blog that has opened my mind to new ideas in music and will open yours too.

A few of my favorite finds from the 365 project:

 The Death Killers-Junior John this is a six year old and his sister and probably some other adults as well playing an incredible lo-fi/punk song--can't stop playing it.

Jodie Foster--La vie c'est Chouette this is a young Jodie Foster singing a french pop song, (Life is Great!) . . . anyways go check it out for yourself.


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