PJ Harvey

So there is a new PJ Harvey album, one of my favorite and what I feel to be under minded Rock artists out of England. Softer than what I usually associate with PJ Harvey's music (strictly piano based album rather than her usual guitar heavy tracks). As always with her, White Chalk is accompanied by beautiful cover art. One of the best albums of 07? I think yes.



Mash + Nike Windrunner sample...super lightweight fabric just like the older Windrunners back in the 90's. Simple and to the point.


A new era of the Crossover?

What I'm really noticing lately is that throughout the design world there has been an subconscious obsession with the idea of a crossover product..The most successful being in the field of car design, which is where I think the idea strated. BMW has introduced a new crossover and actually a entirely new type of automobile with their X6 'sport activity coupe' which combines the best from both coupe and SUV. Personally I love the idea of a crossover product and am excited if the idea is applied right.


Mercedes-Benz R-Class 'MPV crossover'

Nokia Nseries

Sony Ericsson K800 'Cyber-shot branded'

Visvim FBT Air Max 360 'Nash'

Air Max 90+360 'Nike One Time Only project'

Inquiring Mind Magazine BLOG!

Yes, Inquiring Mind has a really great site, but thier blog is relatively untouched. Nothing special, just a little Wordpress® action, but great info and some pretty fresh peices. Here


A wonderful collection of graphic designers, artists, and craftsmen, Manystuff is a blog about imagery.


Honeyee and Rolly.

It seems as if I'm not the only one interested in Sony's Rolly. Honeyee has put together flash based Feature story about the device. Even though I can not understand Kanji I always find Honeyee Features very nice to look at mainly because of how well they are designed and thought out, much like the rest of the site.



A parody

Genius. Directed by Chris Cunningham.

Aphex Twin


Apperciation: The Crusaders

Jazz has been a big influence on how my music tastes have evolved to be what they are now. From my father's obsession it naturally affected how I listen and perceive music in general. I wanted to dedicate a post to one of those Jazz groups that I find to be very reminiscent for me.
The Jazz Cursaders


Manda Bala (Send a Bullet)

São Paul

+Thanks Joe for the indirect recomendation


Sony introduces first OLED TV

Sony has just unveiled the XEL-1 which will be the worlds first OLED television but will be limited to the Japanese domestic market, starting on Dec 1st.

OLED technology which stands for organic light-emitting diode is said to be the next LCD in terms of popularity. I see OLED based technologies even being the next form of print paper and may be the savior for print based media,remember the newspapers in Minority Report.

How OLED technology stacks up against LCD and Plasma...

-Can be printed virtually on any substrate including paper
-Lower cost by the inch especially when compared to LCD
-Can display true black and more range of colour.
-Lower power consumption which means its eco-friendly!

-Short lifespan
-Water leakage problems
-Kodak patented(costs more for others like Sony to get licence)