Sony introduces first OLED TV

Sony has just unveiled the XEL-1 which will be the worlds first OLED television but will be limited to the Japanese domestic market, starting on Dec 1st.

OLED technology which stands for organic light-emitting diode is said to be the next LCD in terms of popularity. I see OLED based technologies even being the next form of print paper and may be the savior for print based media,remember the newspapers in Minority Report.

How OLED technology stacks up against LCD and Plasma...

-Can be printed virtually on any substrate including paper
-Lower cost by the inch especially when compared to LCD
-Can display true black and more range of colour.
-Lower power consumption which means its eco-friendly!

-Short lifespan
-Water leakage problems
-Kodak patented(costs more for others like Sony to get licence)

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