Conspiracy In The Streets

I'm not one to always go out and look for a book to read so whenever I feel the urge to go to the bookstore, I don't know much about the "must read" authors so I usually just go by how attractive and well put together the cover design is from one book to the next..I came across a book called Conspiracy In the Streets: The Extraordinary Trial of the Chicago Eight . Put together in collaboration with the respected history professor and magazine editor Jon Wiener, political activist Tom Hayden, and cartoonist Jules Feiffer who's illustrations complement the book so well.

The book takes you through the 1969 trial that brought together the well known figures from the antiwar protests, yippie demographic, and Black Panther party to face conspiracy charges. Both the book's writing and trial are very humorous and entertaining..recommended read for anyone wanting to learn more about how the US government handled those who felt the need for a serious change that could greatly effect their own agendas. The unbiased writing leaves the reader making their own opinions and gives a little history of what was 'really' happening during those confusing times.

-The cover photo features the men that were tried in the case with the exception of Bobby Seale (who was being held in jail).. the cover photo and design is what really made me pick the book up. A very nice find.

Conspiracy In The Streets

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