I/O Brush at MIT Media Lab

The i/O Brush is a product developed by the MIT Media Lab that is able to capture images via a camera inside the brush and then transfer the image to an interactive screen via infrared LED's.  The brush has been exhibited at Ars Electronica and various other festivals and exhibitions but has yet to be put into production.  



"Daughters of Job" series by Alison Malone

"The Daughters of Job" by Alison Malone is a series of photographs documenting daughter and granddaughters of Freemasons.  The project is ongoing.



Arduino "Lily Pad" by Leah Buechley

The Lily Pad is a microcontroller board designed in collaboration between Leah Buechley and retailer SparkFun.  Microcontrollers such as the Lily Pad are designed to run with the computer program Arduino in order to make physical electronic components interact and be controlled by your computer.  The innovation that makes the Lily Pad so neat is it was designed for wearable projects (its washable and able to be sewn into fabrics) and its feminine design to attract girls to the world of physical computing.  Check out the Make Blog's article on Leah Buechley's DIY turn signal shirt.



map jack car from Joe McKay



Buffalo Wings store open*

Buffalo Wings classic apparel online store now open.  I am proud to say my father runs this label and I wear his coat design almost every day.  Please visit the site, (I helped design it) and see for yourself what one person can create if they have a vision. 

*Support independent business in America!



365 Days Project

Presented by Ubuweb and WMFU, the 365 Days Project is an initiative by these two to present a rare, obscure, or otherwise unique and unheard piece of sound everyday for one year.  The project has been completed twice already, once in 2003 and once in 2007.  The content is exhaustive and I have already spent hours combing the archives and only made it though a few week's worth of day's sounds.  Really, I present this project as a gateway to Ubuweb, an incredible poetic and artistic catalogue and resource, and to WMFU's Beware of the Blog, a progressive music blog that has opened my mind to new ideas in music and will open yours too.

A few of my favorite finds from the 365 project:

 The Death Killers-Junior John this is a six year old and his sister and probably some other adults as well playing an incredible lo-fi/punk song--can't stop playing it.

Jodie Foster--La vie c'est Chouette this is a young Jodie Foster singing a french pop song, (Life is Great!) . . . anyways go check it out for yourself.