Buffalo Wings

My father has started his own American workwear and westernwear apparel line, Buffalo Wings.  He was recently featured in the October/November 08 issue of American Cowboy.  Yes, I know it is hokey, so does my dad, but it's his ideal customer base, and he got featured in their photoshoot!  That's free advertising, but he also took out an ad later in the magazine.  I have helped him with web-design and print design since the beginning and it's been so gratifying to see it come to reality from just a crazy idea he came up with one night.  I personally hope he taps into the current thrust fashion is taking towards classic clothing and the line is recognized by hi-brows as quality, unique and modern western clothing.  I will try to post more of the pieces from the collection later.

I wear one of his coats whenever it is cold, it's the nicest garment I own.


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