flatflat.org Peter Segerstrom

taken from flatflat.org, the website of Peter Segerstrom:

flatflat is a collection of handmade audio files, jpgs, gifs, and texts. flatflat is the digital igloo of Peter Segerstrom.

If you have questions, would like a back rub, want to talk about max/msp, want somedesign or programming done, need music for your documentary on Laverne and Shirley, or just want to rap, write me at:


I can't find a solid explanation as to what exactly is going on, but this is one of the most fantastic personal websites I have come across in a while.  Some graphic design, print and web, net art, and fantastic music; Peter's musical project Portable Sunsets was featured with Tehn in a Dublab (one of our favorites) podcast a while back.  Check out the site.

The above boxes were actually a sound installation.


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