Apprectiation: visvim

Looking at Beinghunted's vol. III of updates for this year I came across a short piece Jörg Haas wrote about Visvim and how he believes they are going through a new period of evolution as a brand. The article focuses mainly on Visvim's F/W 07 bags describing how they demonstrate the art of good design giving the customer a piece that balances functionality and comfort with added subtle design elements. Jörg also points out the differences in the design between the American line and the upscale F.I.L experience.

I couldn't agree more with this quote and feel that if a fashion label gives this feeling to its customers they have achieved what wearing clothes is all about-

"With your eyes closed you could pick one piece from any category - footwear, denim, tops, jackets, bags, accessories - combine it all and look your best without 'overdoing' it."

Beinghunted vol.III

Hiroki Nakamura

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