Mobile Review: The Future of Apple

My favorite and the most brutally honest mobile electronic review site out of Kremlin is Mobile Review. They decided to write an article on their predictions on Apple's future plans. The article discusses how the Internet is the fastest growing market in the world of "information technology". Which would make sense because if our hardware (now including the iPod) was without the Internet we would be left with the same information we had when we first powered up the device.
The article also depicts Apple's future strategy by looking at their past, discussing how the web browser and software which works hand in hand for Apple will expand functionality on the iPhone and the new generation of iPods.

What I've begun to see in Apple is that their true source of success is the fact they have an extremely tight integration with marketing, management/strategy, design, and engineering. Having a strong point in only of those departments will bring failure in the long run. On the other hand, history shows that kind of integration, success, and know how doesn't seem to have room for more than one in a over saturated market.

Mobile Review

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