A French Reformation?

After watching this video report and reading the artical about this interesting cultural phenomena happening in French culture, I've decided to do research on creating some design based solutions for a society that is in a fight to stay uniquely French but at the same time evolve as a nation. The rise of American based ventures like Starbucks and 'un french' like tenancies demonstrated by Sarko are beginning to show how many French citizens prize their social heritage..

+ What makes things more interesting about Frances political/social problems is that the young people do not find the changes to be much of a issue but actually encourage it..The ones who argue that their country is loosing its identity are those who either live in small towns or are part of the country's older population. I believe that the increasing rate of todays young being able to travel abroad easily and frequently can ultimately altar a country's social norms...Is this a natural evolution?

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