A Back to Basics Act?

While the past couple of years has been pretty disappointing within streetwear, I'm glad to see some more simple sneaker colorways coming out this year..Cutting out all of the shit, the gimmicky use of materials like 3M and ridiculous design touches that make me want to just walk barefoot.

Often now am I seeing a backlash to basic design. Maybe people have realized the age old philosophy for good design German architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe coined "Less is more".

More and more American streetwear companies are seeing that simple and more 'mature' clothing is the way to go and actually give a reason to justify the high price due to the clothing's visual longevity. This trend has even filtered down to the design of the blogs (hypebeast, slamxhype, high snobiety..etc) Lets face it, that $200 all over print hoody you bought in 2007 is probably one of the worst clothing investments you could ever make.

Here are a couple of interesting finds..


"Staple Design"

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