Soft Boiled Eggs.

..Softboiled Eggies is something totally fresh for me and is a perfect example of L.A's. true art and music scene, which in my opinion is one of the strongest in the country. Softboiled Eggies are signed to Human Ear Music a label based in L.A. 'For L.A.'. Human Ear features some of the city's best local projects like Holy Shit and Julia Holter.

Here is what Human Ear Music has to say about their Softboiled Eggies:

"Softboiled Eggies is Janet Kim's whispering bedroom secret turned fab rock-n-roll experience. The unassuming, almost-improvised arrangements descend from a dreamlike reverie to evoke the repressed angst encoded in 50's/60's bubblegum-girl singles. Attention to rhythm is steady, while brushed in watercolor harmonies seem to rest between the beats like somnolent sheep."

+Softboiled Eggies

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