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I recently discovered an interesting photography oriented gallery based out of Melbourne, AU called NOWNOW. Their whole philosophy is to expose photographers that specifically show "the way we live" as humans, looking throughout their archives it has inevitably as they put it become 'kaleidoscopic'. Giving us a an alternate view of what we know therefore, at some degree giving us a new way of looking at life's more simple details.

NOWNOW also gives the poor souls (like myself) who can't make it out to the physical space a very complete website that more than likely serves as an organic extension to the gallery itself, the well designed site gives me an idea of the kind of mood i'd get going to the real gallery. Very Minimal and inspiring. The blog and articles featured on their website are pretty much all you can ask for when it comes to the nature of topics and content..good interviews, randoms, and some of the things happening within the gallery/

NOWNOW doesn't stop with the site but the gallery is also behind a free (at stockiest) quarterly magazine called WON. I like the little note editor Chris Barton wrote regarding the launch of the first issue...

We would like to acknowledge the amorphous origins of this publication and thank the many hands and minds that have shaped it along the way. Indeed, there has never been one particular start point or epiphany to shine in our memories but there has always been the feeling that, with the right intentions, things will eventually come together.

-WON is currently in its second issue of release.


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