Viesta Bag

I stumbled across this flickr belonging to a young artist living in NY. What I found so fascinating about her was that she created a product totally based on 'true inspirational value'.. naming it the 'Viesta' Bag. The fact that she recognized the true meaning behind her design after it was made shows that it holds a unique characteristic. Demonstrating how good design just makes sense to human logic. Therefore, the finished product's driven idea (original, having never been done before) is realized as a being something natural to the human mind. The description below explains how organically the idea came together.

"When I walk down the street, I usually see a lot of garbage. It sometimes is furniture, clothes, and toys, which are useful and sometimes even seem brand new! Why do we have so much to waste? Do all these usable things have to go into the trashcans?
I looked at my closet, and there were so many clothes, that I do not wear anymore. I thought of throwing them away, but I could not. They were a kind of journal for me. When I looked at my clothes, I remember my experience I had, while I was wearing them. Therefore, I decided to make something new from what I had.
I had a vest from my art teacher, who gave it to me because he had two of the same. He did not wear one of them, so he gave it to me. He thought I would wear it so it would be used. However, I did not have many chances to wear it. I also had wool threads, which were left over from my art class project. I imagined these two could be combined to make a bag out of the vest. I sew them together. Now, the bag totally looks like a folded vest, which has a humor. In this way, the vest was reborn as something that I could use again a different form.
When I was making it, my concern was not seriously thinking about the environment. I just wanted to not throw my clothes out and not lose my memories. It simply became giving the idea about helping the environment. I believe helping making better environment is not something that we have to study long time before we practice. It is not difficult. How to make the planet greener would be by changing small things that does not require too much effort in our daily life. It would be recycling just like my bag, using double side paper, unplugging appliances when they are not used, or using rechargeable batteries. I hope everyone tries little by little for healthier planet."


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